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The Journey of Creating the Life U Were Meant

First, let's do a diagnosis to find out where you are according to your own judgment.

In the figure below, we have 10 circles; the smallest circle represents the lowest value “1”, and the largest circle represents the highest value “10”.
They are divided into quadrants in diferent colors.
Each color represent an aspect of your life.

Draw a dot, rating the place where you think your life is at this moment. " Ex. I BELIEVE I should take better care of myself so I rate the green quadrant in 6 ".

Manifest It Elegant

Nine pieces were crafted by the artist paloma Luis to honor Mexico’s rich heritage and profound wisdom. Each artwork portrays a majestic warrior representing a fundamental aspect of our being and symbolizing a crucial facet of our existence - a guide, a companion - as we navigate the transformative journey of personal growth, realization, and embracing our destined purpose

Black Warrior
Guerrreos Místicos by Tepellizco